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Pivot Field Under Construction -Fully Graveled (Late August Photo) 

Latest News: 
Sept 17, 2014

We are so close to being able to race on our own brand new track!

We are ready to pave and have been for two weeks!

Construction was arranged to begin immediately after the Development Permit hearing in early June, but got delayed by the M.D. of Wheatland appeal until the end of July. By then the equipment was re-committed to other projects, so after many delays paving was finally scheduled for the end of August /early September.

The track is laid out, the gravels are in place and compacted and we were all set to go September 5th when it snowed a total of 26cm for 3 days. With the ground too wet, other project schedules fell behind and the paving equipment schedule got behind. It is currently planned to be back on our site to do the actual paving sometime between now and October 1st.

So now we have a couple of weeks to do all the work needed so that we can run at least one event this year - maybe more, weather permitting. We still have to wrap and place about 500 stacks of tires to form safety barriers, complete the landscaping to the edge of the pavement and generally make the track safe for racing. With a lot of help from the club members this is all very doable - we can still be racing this year!

All this will ensure that we have a full season in 2015 - but we will still have lots to do - the facility will be functional but not complete. We will have to finish the paddock area, install the electrical subpanels, new gates/practice control system to get close to what we had at the old facility - and then come the paddock area improvements.

At least one race event is still likely this year - maybe more depending on the weather, but it is going to take the whole club pulling together to get the job done.

Sept 15, 2014 The Cardel Park & Polish was a big success with about 40 karts showing up to race. Cardel made a nice track in their parking lot and everyone was happy to share pit spots with Lamborghinis, Ferraris and McLarens. If you missed it, mark your calendar for next year.
Sept 15, 2014 Please note that if you are coming to Pivot Field, that the speed limit on Range Road 250 is 30 Km/h. Please respect our neighbours my keeping to 30 and minimizing the dust and noise.

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Pivot Field




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